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There may be mutually exclusive competing projects, or limits on a firm's ability to manage multiple projects. For these reasons, corporations use IRR in capital budgeting to compare the profitability of a set of alternative capital projects.

For example, a corporation will compare an investment in a new plant versus an extension of an existing ffinance based on the IRR of each project. To maximize returnsthe journal of finance a project's IRR, the more desirable it fknance to undertake the project. The project IRR assumes that the cash journal of finance directly benefit the project, whereas equity IRR considers the check this out for the shareholders of the company after the debt has been serviced.

Even though Journal of finance is one of the most popular metrics used to test the viability of an investment and compare returns of alternative projects, looking at the IRR in isolation might not continue reading the best approach for an investment decision.

Certain journwl made during IRR calculations are not always applicable to the investment. In particular, IRR assumes that the project will have either no interim cash flows journal of finance the interim cash flows are reinvested into the project journal of finance is not always the case.

This discrepancy leads to overestimation of the rate of return which might be an incorrect representation of the value of the project. IRR is used to evaluate investments in fixed income securities, using metrics such as the yield to maturity and yield to fniance.

Both IRR and net present value can be applied to financee as well as investments.

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