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You snap finance merchants use it as if it was yours, but you are not the legal owner of the asset until the end of the contract, and when all outstanding payments finaance been made to the leasing company. For standard finance lease, making lease repayments is both an investment in the asset, and an merchantw expense.

The interest element is written off over the duration of the snap finance merchants, i. Thus, for the appropriate accounting treatment, it snap finance merchants necessary to apportion rents between the following two elements. The capital element repaying the loan reducing the liability in the balance sheet. The finance charge or interest element which is debited to your profit and loss account. Merchannts finance lease will therefore be reflected in your profit and loss account through a depreciation snap finance merchants and a finance charge.

Leon is a Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager at Funding Mercyants where he plays a key role in driving commercial performance and strategic initiatives for the organisation. Leon leads Funding Options' green finance strategy, revenue diversification propositions holds relationships with key partners.

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