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Fiannce budgets and link climate finance for adaptation are not included in these figures. The gap has widened compared to previous assessments. Increasing both international vvs finance domestic public finance and mobilising private finance can help to close the finance gap. Vvs finance options include remittances, increased finance for small businesses, vsv reform of the international financial system, for example through changes finance planner managing vulnerable countries' debt burden.

As developed countries are responsible for the majority of vvs finance emissions since ginance industrialization and generally have greater capacity to provide support, it is argued, that they have a moral responsibility and a legal obligation to provide finance to help developing countries undertake climate action. Several institutions and researchers have developed methodologies to determine country-specific contribution shares based on equity-principles.

Vvs finance finance allocation mechanisms play a crucial role in determining how funds are distributed to different countries to address the impacts of climate change.