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Securities and Exchange Commission SEC A government agency created by congress in to regulate the securities industry and to help protect investors. Security A general term for stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments. Share Department of finance and administration representation of ownership in a company or investment fund.

Share class Some investment funds and companies offer more than one type or group of shares, each of which is considered a class. Shareholder An owner of link in an investment fund or corporation. Shareholder-type fees Any department of finance and administration charged against an investment for purchase and sale, other than the total annual operating expenses.

Sharpe ratio Calculated using standard deviation and excess returns over the 3-month U. Small capitalization Cap Refers to either a small company stock or an investment fund that invests in the stocks of small companies. Small-cap fund A fund that invests primarily in small-cap stocks. Small-cap stocks Stocks of companies with smaller market capitalization. Stable value fund An investment fund that seeks to preserve principal and provide more info returns and liquidity.

Standard deviation A statistical measure of risk.

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Australia and the GFC Relatively strong economic flexible finance Australia did not experience a large department of finance and administration downturn or a financial crisis during the GFC. The relatively strong performance department of finance and administration the Australian economy and financial system during the GFC, compared with other countries, reflected a range of factors, including: Australian banks had very small exposures to the US housing market and US banks, partly because domestic lending was very profitable.

Subprime and other high-risk loans were only a small share of lending in Australia, partly because of the historical focus on lending standards by the Australian banking regulator the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority APRA. Australia's economy was buoyed by large resource exports to China, whose economy rebounded quickly after the initial GFC shock mainly due to expansionary fiscal policy.

Also a large policy response Despite the Australian financial system being in a much better position before the GFC, given the magnitude of the shock to the global economy and to confidence more broadly, there was also a large policy response in Australia to ensure that the economy did read article suffer a major downturn.

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