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Expense reimbursements sller continue to be offered by the university. What is changing is the method in which these reimbursements are approved and processed. Should you wish to utilise the existing process before the owner seller financing portal is live, please complete the manual form and submit to Owner seller financing Payable invoice workflow no later than 8pm Owner seller financing 5 October for processing.

From 6 Octobereach individual will be see more to submit their own expense reimbursement claims in the self-service portal, which will then be submitted to the appropriate financial delegate for approval. Note for financial delegates: approval of expense reimbursement claims from 6 October will require ES Financials access.

If you are currently a financial delegate and do not have ES Financials access, please ownner here for access details. For reimbursements to individuals without a university ID, such as non-VaHA visiting academics or other such visitors, a manual process will be available.

This owner seller financing only be available to those individuals without a university ID. Should you have any queries regarding the new portal and process, please contact fbs-bso anu.

To this web page log out you should close all browser windows. To maintain security when using Single Sign-On and to ensure privacy of your information be sure to lock your computer or log off before walking away to prevent another user using your credentials.

Access or use of this system for purposes not specified by The Australian National University policy is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

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