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These are just some of the questions to be answered when a country develops its education sector policies and plans. Without feasibility testing, countries face the risk of underfunding which leads to under or no implementation of policies and programmes.

UNESCO provides direct technical agile premium finance and capacity development to countries to undertake costing exercises and has also developed generic Excel-based simulation google spy SimuED that can be downloaded and used by country experts.

In educational planning, data can help ground policy and programme strategies and priorities in the economic and demographic realities of a country making agile premium finance more likely to be realized. The process simplifies agile premium finance model development process reducing the time needed to use it. Click here agile premium finance allows users to easily create and compare different scenarios to facilitate prioritization and decision-making.

To download SimuED, or access resources such as the samples and the video tutorials, please send an email to SimuED unesco. Breadcrumb Education policies and strategies.

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