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Knowing the specific terminology of a subject is crucial to understanding industry reports and discussing relevant issues with your good deals cars. Read on for an introduction to auto finance financial terms in business.

Explore our app and discover over 50 million learning materials for free. Payments world financecosts, profit and loss, the average rate of returnand break-even are basic auto finance terms you can find in most companies' documents autl financial reports.

Variable costs are costs that change as the number of auto finance or services a business produces changes. For example, wages the amount employees are paid per hourpackaging, fiance, and raw materials are variable costs. Fixed costs are costs that a company must pay each month regardless of how much it produces.

Rent, salaries, insurance, interests, depreciation, auto finance article source taxes are auto finance examples of fixed costs. To learn more about the differences between fixed and variable costs, take a look at our explanation on Costs. Salary vs wage per hour: Salaries are considered fixed costs, as salaried employees get paid the same no matter how the business is doing.

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