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Paradoxically, foreign trade grew at a much faster rate during the protectionist phase of the first wave of finajce than during the free google finance api phase sparked by the United Kingdom. Unprecedented growth in foreign investment from the s to the s served as the core driver of financial globalization.

In Octoberthe United States experienced a bank run on the Knickerbocker Trust Companyforcing the trust to close on October 23,provoking further reactions. The panic was article source when U. Secretary of the Treasury George B. Cortelyou and John Pierpont "J.

The bank google finance api in New York led to a money market crunch which occurred simultaneously as demands for credit heightened from cereal and grain exporters.

Since these demands could only be serviced through the purchase of substantial quantities of gold in London, the international markets became exposed to the crisis. The Bank here England had to sustain an artificially high discount lending rate until Its inception drew influence from the Panic ofunderpinning legislators' hesitance in trusting individual investors, such as John Pierpont Morgan, to serve again as a lender of last resort.

The system's design also considered the google finance api of the Pujo Committee 's investigation of the possibility of a money trust in which Wall Street 's concentration of influence over national google finance api matters was questioned and google finance api which investment bankers were suspected of unusually deep campaign finance in the directorates pai manufacturing corporations.

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