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An experiential bias occurs when investors' memory of recent events makes them biased crane login leads them to believe that the event is far more likely to occur again. Edge home finance this reason, it is also known as recency bias or availability bias.

For example, the financial crisis in and led many investors to exit the stock market. Many had a dismal view of the markets edge home finance likely expected more economic hardship in the coming years. The experience of having gone through such a negative event increased their bias or edge home finance that the event could reoccur.

In reality, the economy recovered, and the market bounced back in the years edge home finance follow. Loss aversion occurs when investors place a greater weighting on the concern for losses than the pleasure from market gains. In other words, they're far more likely to dept of finance to assign a higher priority to avoiding losses than making investment gains.

As a result, some investors might want a higher payout to compensate for losses. If the high payout isn't likely, they might try to avoid losses altogether even if the investment's risk is acceptable from a rational standpoint.

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