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Here's our situation. We decided to build a small modular home finance loans near me of buy a home on the market. All in foundation, well, septic, driveway, button-up, contracting finance loans near me it added up to cost less than a foreclosed shack.

So we still need to buy land and we're not approved for enough to buy it with our home loan. Hence the land contract idea. My question is this- can we put a modular the company does not require a construction loan on a piece of land that we are paying for through owner financing.

We'll be able to talk sorry, toyota finance offers can the loan officer on monday but it occurred to us just today that this idea may backfire. So it depends on where you live just call different banks to find out if finance loans near me would do that.

Do you already have owner land. It may be harder to find than you think, especially if you are looking at more than a year or so to completely pay.

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