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Can make on-time payments and refinance. Westlake can be an opportunity to gain access to car ownership, make on-time payments for six to 12 months and then look into refinancing to a lower-rate loan with another lender. Want to finance major jobs before going to a dealership. Westlake has an online marketplace where car buyers can search for cars at nearby dealerships by desired monthly payment, vehicle price, body type and more.

They can then see pre-qualified loan terms and print a voucher to take to the designated dealership to finalize the loan. Origination fee: Did not disclose. Personal information needed: Go here the initial application, name, birthdate, phone, email, address, time at address, finance major jobs status, housing payment more info Will need to provide Social Security number later in the process.

Pre-qualification available: According to the Westlake website, pre-qualification with a soft credit check is available and should not affect your credit score. Online, in-person or both: Applicants submit a pre-qualification application online.

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Freddie Mac also has loans for manufactured homes, and you can choose between a variety of fixed-rate and adjustable-rate terms.

Like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac requires the home to finance major jobs criteria. The home must be at least 12 feet wide with square feet of living space. You can get an FHA loan for either a finance major jobs or modular home. Title I loans are used to purchase a home but not the land it sits on.